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How the Beauty Industry is Evolving

Beauty Evolution

How the Beauty Industry is Evolving

Last year, I released a series of articles talking about changes in the beauty industry. In ‘Redefining Beauty and How It Is Marketed’, I broached the #MeToo movement and its impact on feminism and the presentation of women in media. In ‘You Are the Face of Beauty’, I discussed how the presentation of beauty in media was beginning to reflect its audience better than ever before. This also illustrated how the beauty industry was still ripe for the picking for independent beauty companies and industry giants alike. A multibillion-dollar industry always on the rise, beauty is a great place for any startup to show quick returns with a good product and smart decision making.

My last piece was released in July of 2018. Only a couple months later, Forbes released a piece in September titled, ‘The Biggest Trends In The Beauty Industry’. Writer Richard Kestenbaum came to many of the same conclusions we had come to in our beauty industry pieces. He found that even multi-brand stores, which in other consumer sectors have a questionable future, were performing strongly.

The continuous rise of the beauty industry was attributed to three unique circumstances:

  • Consumers, mostly women, are exploring new products and rejecting norms. The generational shift shows a rejection of larger brands preferred by their parents and choosing instead locally made, natural products. Examples include products that are upfront about their ingredients and avoid animal testing and other practices rejected by millennials and expectedly other approaching generations.
  • Independent brands are taking advantage of this opportunity to expand upon their creativity with new products that this new generation can’t get enough of. For once, it appears that independent beauty industry companies are finding an almost-level playing field for competing with the big boys.
  • While major beauty brands are still frequently acquiring many of the independent brands, this is not a bad thing for any aspiring entrepreneur wanting to enter the arena of the beauty industry. They don’t have to compete with the big boys if they don’t want to. They just have to make a big enough impact to get their attention.

These circumstances make the beauty industry a far less daunting industry to dive into than in years passed.

The four trends cited in this article were:

  • The Instant Fix – The age-old desire for instant gratification is finally being met by new advancements that are making a quick fix not only possible but probable.
  • The Doll Look – While alternative beauty is taking a stand in its own right, makeup or surgery with the aim of creating that perfect appearance is still hot as ever.
  • Skin Care Care From the Earth – Natural products continue to be the preferred choice for emerging generations.
  • Customization and Personalization – More and more beauty products are allowing consumers to be specific to their needs. AllOfUs Cosmetics, INC. is one such example. They utilize a photo booth and special technology to create a perfect, custom shade of makeup to match any individual’s exact shade.

It’s motivating to see Forbes and other online publications and news outlets taking notice of these changes in the beauty industry. As always, Angelino Media LLC seeks to continue taking note of changes in the beauty industry and being ahead of the curve in predicting the direction of industries we work with.

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