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Stem Cell Therapy Will Be an Industry Disruptor in 2019

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Stem Cell Therapy Will Be an Industry Disruptor in 2019

Google search “stem cell therapy 2019” and you’ll see that the whole first page is dedicated not to stem cell practices, but to conferences and registration pages for stem cell webinars. Stem cell therapy is not by any means new, but search results treat it as such because drastic changes have taken place in the industry over the past several years that will reach new heights in 2019.

Stem cell distributors are preparing for this revolution in medicine to define what experts in the medical industry will predict of its future potential in treating conditions resistant to mainstream therapies. This is the reason why search results show a focus at educating doctors and patients first. Education might be considered the calm before the storm that is widespread adoption and implementation of stem cell therapies in treating various medical conditions.

Unfortunately, the hype and intentions behind many of these conferences, seminars and even webinars are not always positive. Yes, stem cell therapy is a revolution in medicine that can help treat many medical conditions that are resistant to other forms of treatment and may even decrease recovery time. Yes, stem cell therapy is a great addition to any medical practice that can properly and safely implement the treatments for their patients. And yes, it is a growing industry with lots of money to be made if that’s even part of your interest from a business perspective. However, stem cell therapy is not a cure-all. It is not a magic elixir that can fix any problem. It is also not a total alternative that shouldn’t still be used alongside other conventional treatments.

Angelino Media, having operated in the past under slogans like, “Business not as usual,” aims to do things differently. While we want to educate our patients about stem cell therapy and partner with qualified doctors to provide stem cell treatments, we believe we can do so without a gimmicky sales pitch disguised as a seminar. We trust our patients to want to be educated and to pick us for stem cell therapy not because we had the best sales pitch, but because they know they are good candidates for stem cell therapy and we are the right option for them. We trust out doctor partners to similarly work for us because they want to provide real solutions to their patients and not just increase their bottom line. It’s all about maintaining transparency with our patients and the doctors we work with through our managed service organization (MSO).

Here are some facts to know about stem cell therapy and some things to watch out for in 2019!

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’S)

Mesenchymal stem cells, also known as MSC’s, are the kinds of stem cells you want in any stem cell treatment process you begin. Mesenchymal stem cells are adult stem cells traditionally found in the bone marrow, but they can also be extracted from other sources. MSC’s are multipotent stromal cells that have the ability to differentiate, meaning they can take on the roles of a variety of cell types. This makes MSC’s unique in that they can be injected directly into a site where they are needed and may take on the role of cells in that area. This may aid in healing and other processes by which stem cells may be selected for treatment.

Stem Cells LA uses only mesenchymal stem cells ethically extracted from donor umbilical cords following birth.

Stem Cells – Local Donor vs Foreign Donor

An important understanding in the differences between stem cell therapy types is the difference between stem cells that come from a donor site on your own body versus those stem cells that come from other sources. The unique ability of mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate means that whether the stem cells come from a donor site locally or foreign, they should still take on the role of the cells where they are transplanted. Stem cell therapy in trials has commonly shown the treatments to be without negative side effects regardless of whether or not the stem cells came from the same body where they were used.

Another benefit of stem cells extracted from an outside donor is the quantity of stem cells is not limited by the number of stem cells you are able to safely pull from your own donor site. This means you can receive injections of stem cells from 10 – 30 million in count.

Stem Cells Must Be Injected

There is no clinically proven, effective way to treat a patient with stem cell therapy without injecting the stem cells into the body. Some companies are using the initial opportunity of stem cell therapy to take advantage of unaware patients and try to convince them stem cells can be taken via other means. One company is even marketing stem cells harvested from sheep and other animal fetuses as having the ability to be taken orally via a capsule. Buyer beware! These stem cells are unlikely to be effective as your stomach could possibly eliminate all or most of the cells through your digestive system.

Beware of ‘Closers’

The difference in your experience when dealing with a reputable stem cell consultant versus dealing with a pushy salesman is quite obvious. A reputable consultant will not make false promises, will use words like ‘treat’ instead of ‘cure’, and tend to use words like ‘may’ instead of ‘will’.

Don’t get me wrong. Stem cell therapy is a game changer and it’s worth getting excited about. However, it is still a new treatment option and nothing is guaranteed. Most professional doctors won’t even make promises about tried-and-true methods of treating any condition because they don’t want to be liable in the event that the procedure doesn’t work. If the promises sound too good to be true, be concerned. We’d rather turn away a patient who isn’t a good candidate for stem cell therapy and preserve our reputation than make false promises and have a disappointed patient.

Conferences, Seminars and Webinars Can Be Misleading

What may be disguised as a stem cell seminar might actually be a giant sales pitch sprinkled with just a bare minimum of actual facts. If the whole purpose of a conference, seminar or webinar is just to get you to buy something without providing any real value, take a walk while you can (or run) out the door. True professionals in the industry believe in educating their patients and giving them time to make decisions. If you’re being rushed to decide on something that will impact your life or career, it probably is too good to be true. If you’re interested in stem cell therapy as a patient, visit Stem Cells LA. For doctors looking to add stem cells to their practice, visit Cell MD.