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Past Hair Projects

Beauty Salon

Past Hair Projects

Angelino Media LLC has disrupted the beauty industry with past projects like Salon TV and Rob E. Angelino's work with Paul Mitchell Systems.

Salon TV

Salon TV® is the number one resource on television for connecting hair stylists and others in the salon industry with everything they need to know in style and beauty.

2001 Set Top Box Schematic | 2000 Salon TV Benefits Page | 2000 Salon TV Manufacturers Page | 2000 Salon TV Advertisers Page | 2003 Salon TV Salon Today | Rob Angelino and the Salon TV Saludos Interview | Archived Salon TV Website





Salon TV


Salon TV setup

Paul Mitchell Systems

John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell Systems is interviewed regarding his career as a self-made billionaire, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Interview 1

Interview 2

Bezi Hair

Bezi Hair is your resource for everything related to hair products that make your hair thick, beautiful, and healthy.


Club Salon

Beauty’s next step, Club Salon is dedicated to the best in hair care and style techniques from salons around the globe.


The Salon Association

Why join The Salon Association? There are many reasons why this organization is the best choice for any salon professional.