Author: Rob E. Angelino

Industrial Revolution blog

‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ Review

Almost a year ago, Vice released ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’, a video presentation based on the book of the same name released in 2011. The talk features author Jeremy Rifkin, also an American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political adviser and activist, talking about the economic and social impact of new technological advances such as renewable electricity and the internet. The documentary opens with a quote from Walter...

Beauty Evolution

How the Beauty Industry is Evolving

Last year, I released a series of articles talking about changes in the beauty industry. In ‘Redefining Beauty and How It Is Marketed’, I broached the #MeToo movement and its impact on feminism and the presentation of women in media. In ‘You Are the Face of Beauty’, I discussed how the presentation of beauty in media was beginning to reflect its audience better than ever before. This also illustrated how...

Angelino Media Aging well blog

Aging Well – Thriving Not Surviving

Self-talk is important when it comes to maintaining a positive self-image. One of my least favorite ways I hear people describe themselves as looking is “old”. What does it mean to look old? I just turned 58 last year and you will never hear me describe myself as old. If I’m so lucky as to make it to 120 years old, you will still never hear me call myself old. How you feel about your age...

Beauty stem cells

Stem Cell Therapy Will Be an Industry Disruptor in 2019

Google search “stem cell therapy 2019” and you’ll see that the whole first page is dedicated not to stem cell practices, but to conferences and registration pages for stem cell webinars. Stem cell therapy is not by any means new, but search results treat it as such because drastic changes have taken place in the industry over the past several years that will reach new heights in 2019. Stem cell...